Notes to Adopters

Special notes to garden adopters:

Notes on Bulbs:

  • Please try not to move bulbs or remove them from gardens.  BULBS ARE EXPENSIVE. We want bulbs in the gardens!
  • Bulbs are great to have in every garden and some are actually historic.  Move them if you must but keep them in the ground at Mayfield.
  • Remove bulb foliage after it is brown and dried.  If bulb foliage is removed while still green, bulbs will not bloom next year.
  • If bulbs are moved please replant them in the garden area, or place them in the volunteer shed bulb basket so others can plant them.
  • The exception is cat’s claw vine bulbs, which are invasive and should be removed and thrown away.


Finished with the gardening tasks in your garden?  Consider helping with the following:

  • Cat’s claw vine can be dug up anywhere in volunteer garden area. These invasive bulbs should be thrown away in the trash.
  • Tall Ruellia (Mexican petunia) has been a problem in the garden area and should be removed from all garden plots.
  • Any garden plot marked as available can be weeded and trimmed.

Notes on compost and healthy soil:

  • Healthy soil has to have organic matter in it. It needs to be mixed into the soil at a 1/3 compost to 2/3 soil ratio. Compost is a host of micro-organisms living in the soil which are continually generating a free supply of naturally slow-release 10-5-2 nutrients along with a long list of micro-nutrients. Compost also improves the structure of the soil in a healthy way because the organisms are aerobic.
  • There are many bulbs in the various beds which may make mixing in compost difficult.  In this case spread a thin layer of compost on top of the garden, even on top of the mulch and wash it with a hose.
  • Look for the ready to use sign in the compost area for a supply of compost as it is prepared regularly.

Notes on mulch:

  • Add mulch in a THIN, loose layer throughout the beds for a nice look.  A thin layer works better as it will allow water from the irrigation system to soak through.
  • Mulch should not be placed at the root of plants as this can cause rotting.  Mulch the areas between plants.  Irises should not be mulched at all.
  • The hardwood mulch compacts and needs to be worked every so often to break it up.