Mayfield Park / Community Project

MP/CP is a volunteer group dedicated to restoring and improving Mayfield Park. The Mayfield Council is an advisory group within the MP/CP and meets monthly to discuss Mayfield Park related projects.  Both groups work very closely with PARD,  The MP/CP has been active at Mayfield Park since the mid 1980s.

Vision: Mayfield Park/Community Project, sponsored by Friends of the Parks of Austin, a non-profit corporation, is restoring Mayfield Cottage and Gardens to the height of its development in the era of the 1920’s-1950’s. Funds have been raised through grants, foundations, and individuals since 1986. Working from a preservation master plan, restoration phases are proceeding as funds become available. The park is under the supervision of the Austin Parks and Recreation Department.

Park visitors can view the history at Mayfield Park with the new sign at the entrance:






PARD Information

Mayfield Park address:

3505 W 35th St, Austin TX 78703

Hours: open on a daily basis and closed between 10 PM and 5 AM

** No Pets Please **

Reservations: For information on reserving the cottage and/or grounds please call PARD at 512-974-6797 or visit the PARD Events Website Page

Photographers: Mayfield Park has become an extremely popular place for photography.  PARD has policy for commercial and professional photographers.

Click here to visit the City of Austin PARD Parks Special Events Page for photography policy at Mayfield Park.



PARD uses some of the small rooms at Mayfield Park as offices.


Capital Project Donations to the Mayfield Park Capital Projects Fund for capital improvements to the Mayfield Cottage and Gardens can be made through Austin Community Foundation:



Visit a Facebook Page for Mayfield Park and Preserve: