Contact a Mayfield Park Community
Project member


Blake Tollett


MAIL Mayfield Park-Community Project

PO Box 5721
Austin, Texas 78763

Garden Committee Lead

Janice Brown

Volunteer Tours Lead

Sharon Lamb

Donations can be made through Austin Community Foundation.

MP-CP is sponsored by Friends of the Parks of Austin, a 501(c)(3) corporation. Donations to Mayfield Park are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and can be mailed to:
Mayfield Park-Community Project

PO Box 5721

Austin, Texas 78763

Capital Project Donations can also be made through the Austin Community Foundation. Two Mayfield Park funds are available, a Mayfield Park Community Projects Fund and a Mayfield Park Cottage and Gardens Endowment Fund.

Friends of the Parks of Austin

A non-profit organization provides the fiduciary services for the Mayfield Park Community Project. They have sponsored many fundraising events for the Mayfield Park over the years.

Visit their blog.

West Austin Neighborhood Group

Mayfield Park is a park within the WANG area boundaries.


City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department


For information on reserving the cottage and/or grounds, please call PARD at 512-974-6797 or visit the City of Austin PARD Events Webpage.

Visit the Mayfield Park PARD page

Mayfield Nature Preserve

Note: Mayfield Park and Mayfield Nature Preserve are managed separately by PARD, and have separate community volunteer groups.

The Friends of Mayfield Preserve is a volunteer group dedicated to restoring and improving Mayfield Nature Preserve. They work directly with PARD and Austin Parks Foundation.

PARD Nature Preserve Systems