What We Do

The Mayfield Park Community Project is a volunteer group dedicated to the ongoing restoration and improvement of Mayfield Cottage and Gardens. The Mayfield Council is an advisory group within the MPCP and meets monthly to discuss Mayfield Park-related projects.

Our Mission

As a volunteer group, we are dedicated to restoring and improving Mayfield Park to the height of its development in the 1920s-1950s by utilizing funds raised through grants, foundations, and individuals.

Mayfield Park Community Project Priorities

Restoration and Maintenance

Taking guidance from our City adopted master plan and historic landscape treatment plan, the MP-CP volunteers work to restore and maintain the historic fabric of the cottage and gardens within the rock walls.

Volunteer Coordination

Utilizing our plant guidelines, individual adopters have discretion on how they plant their gardens. During the year, MP-CP will supply additional plants in order to maintain a limited sense of uniformity and cohesion. Get involved!

Adopt a Garden

Interested in adopting? A MPCP garden committee member will identify which gardens are available and discuss in general what is expected of the adopters. To get involved, contact Garden Committee Lead Janice Brown at janicehillbrown@gmail.com.