Heirloom Plantings

MP_Heritage_GardenMany of the plants in the volunteer gardens are very old.  They have been tended carefully over the years and divided to increase their numbers. This special garden is the Heirloom Garden.






Our Heirloom Plantings: The Mayfield Park gardens are filled with irises that date back decades.  Look for the small plant signs marking the locations in the various garden plots.

Eleanor Roosevelt 1933
Florentine 1937
Gibson Girl 1946
Helen Collingwood 1949
Indian Chief 1929
Mme. Chereau 1844
Ola Kala 1943
Pink Formal 1949
Ranger 1943
Rodeo 1947
San Francisco 1927


Look also for the following heirloom daffodils as they are scattered throughout the gardens:

Sweetness, Dreamlight, Carlton, Geranium, Dick Wellborn, Trivithin, Geranium, Lintie


oxbloodlilyAt the end of the summer the garden area is vibrant red with Oxblood Lillies that have multiplied over many years.  At one time there were hundreds of these bulbs in the garden area and we are encouraging our garden adopters to add more of these to their gardens.







Heirloom Resurrection Lily (Lycoris squamigera)





Our Mayfield Plant Photo Gallery!

Here are pictures of common flowers found at Mayfield Park.  Some of the bulbs date back to the early 1900s.


LycorisRaiataLycoris Raiata

100yrold_amaryllis100 Year Old Amaryllis